Winter fish: Chef Scala’s inspirations

Francesco scala
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As Seasons we pay attention to the reproductive phase of the sea population, so we talk about seasonal fishing and winter fish. We talk about seasonality. For example, Christmas in Mediterranean countries is a seafood festival where oysters, lobsters, and langoustines make a big scene on festive tables.

In winter, however, everything has its charms, and anglerfish, cod, and turbot are among the most heavily fished fish, while everything that lives close to the rocks is very easy to catch, especially mullet and octopus, which perhaps come much closer to the coast to feed.

January and February are the months of bluefish, and in many countries preserves have always been produced for use during the summer months, when fishing is more focused on large fish, especially swordfish and tuna.

Winter is also the season when the sea is often rough and does not allow boats to go out, but when they do go out they are sure to return with a fine catch since the tides bring with them an infinite number of fish, sea bass, gilthead bream, and bream.

In winter, many fish move towards the outlets of freshwater streams where they prefer to deposit their eggs.
In this season, fishing enthusiasts can gather on the coasts and beaches to set their tables.

In the kitchen it is time to prepare fish soups with mullet, squid, and rockfish that delight us with their flavors, I think it is the best time for the Tuscan cacciucco or bouillabaisse or our ”cataplana”, dishes that accompanied by toasted bread and a glass of wine give the right warmth to the cold days of winter.

by Francesco Scala, the Executive Chef at Seasons