Why Seasons

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We believe that the world would be a better place if people paid more attention to the food that they’re eating and why they’re eating it.

Seasons was born with a dream: to bring to your table the best and special quality fish, vegetables and dairy on the market.

We advocate for high quality, clean, nutritious food that will affect the soul’s health and happiness. This also includes spreading the culture of mindful eating and being in tune with one’s own health and nutritional needs.

We respect seasonality, because we believe is it the only way to sustainability

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We Are SeaSons

Our Philosophy

At Seasons we take great pride in our commitment to build a business that is sustainable and respectful towards what we love: the sea. We firmly believe that at the heart of a sustainable fish concept must be a profound appreciation of the sea, and it needs to be protected and preserved. We not only follow nature’s guide in choosing to buy only species that are not endangered, but we keep away from any behaviour that could cause any harm to the under-sea life. We observe seafood’s seasonality so that when we buy our fish we can always consciously choose the most eco-friendly option.

Zero Virgin Plastic

Marine plastic pollution has a direct impact on wildlife: at Seasons we are very proud to say that we are virgin plastic free! You can also re-use our packaging so that you can help our planet as well.

It is also important to avoid unnecessary waste: we try to use every part of the fish, and if you need any help making the most out of yours give us a call!