What is your favorite tartare?

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Tuna tartare, salmon tartare, anything tartare! In a seafood restaurant, tartare is a basic preparation when delicious (because very often the great strength of a dish, and not only that, lies in its simplicity!).

There is a widespread legend that the Tartar, a nomadic people from Central Asia, did not have time to cook and placed dried meat under the saddles of their horses to find it softened at mealtime. Is that where tartare comes from? Perhaps.

What is certain is that tartare is a dish that exceptionally enhances the quality of the products, cooked with very few ingredients. This is why it is one of the dishes that best represent the concept of Seasons. Freshness and simplicity.

Diced bluefin tuna, seasoned with salt, black pepper, oil of live et volià: poetry is on the plate. The taste of the sea, freshness’ taste, genuine and almost completely fat-free meal. Ultra digestible, super sustainable.

The quality of the fish is crucial for this recipe. It must be considered that the fish must be very fresh to be eaten raw. The risk is not only that the taste will be altered, but also that it may hurt to eat it if it is not fresh. This is why we pride ourselves on the quality of our products and the freshness of our fish. That is why we are confident about what we put on our customers’ plates.

But now that we have talked about tartare for so long, all that’s left to do is ask: what’s your favorite fish tartare? I beg your pardon? You’ve never tried one? Really? Ouch!

So what are you waiting for to come to Seasons, book a table and enjoy a yummy tartare accompanied by a white wine? It will be like lying in the Mediterranean sun!