What do you look for in a seafood restaurant?

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We asked our customers what they expect from a seafood restaurant: we did it to have direct contact with them. Because we are interested in the opinion of those who frequent our restaurants; because it is by listening that synergies are created; because it is from these opportunities for confrontation that we improve.

According to what we have been told, what you look for in a seafood restaurant is first and foremost freshness. This is understandable, not only because not-fresh-fish is inedible, but because the very concept of seafood cuisine is centered around freshness. This is the strength of Mediterranean cuisine: seasonality (the core of sustainability) permits us to have always food rich in taste, healthy, and not heavy (is not heavy food synonymous with freshness? Probably yes).

Healthy, simple, fresh are the three keywords that came out of our survey (which was small, but functional and focused: that is, we spoke directly to the customers of a seafood restaurant and asked them what they want from a seafood restaurant).

This is where our latest menu proposals come from. Tagliatelle with burrata and prawns, warm fish salad, sashimi, “cartoccio”: this is a seafood restaurant, this is freshness. Or at least that is what we are thinking now, always ready to change and innovate, and above all ready to listen to what is asked of us and to make it fit our way of seeing the world.