The tech-restaurant era

Tech restaurant
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This is the tech era. Digitalization is an irreversible process that now completely envelops people’s lives, and restaurants clearly cannot be excluded.

Apps and services are as much a part of a restaurant’s daily life as pans and ingredients. In some ways, this mixing of absolutely natural products such as a truffle or a red prawn from Mazara – which at Seasons are the main ingredients of certain dishes such as our gourmet pizzas – with applications that exploit artificial intelligence and algorithms that are interesting. Bridging human systems and biodiversity is at the heart of Seasons’ vision – where innovation meets tradition.

The pandemic has also given the urgency with which companies have had to implement their digital systems, which has forced a leap forward on many other issues. Booking via an app prototype delivery has become a necessity for consumers that restaurants could not escape given the lockdowns. L

Even after the reopenings, many have continued to use those apps and to have lunches and dinners conveniently delivered to their homes. This is also possible because new technologies allow the perfect preservation of food on the move – guaranteeing quality and ensuring packaging sustainability concerning the consumption of plastics.

At such a particular time, we must aim to simplify all processes, starting with the digitalization of the checkout, to ensure that we can continue to meet complex challenges in the future through intelligent and omnichannel solutions.

We must also focus on sustainability through the use of technology, to optimize consumption and waste, to control the blockchain of suppliers, in short, to make our business less impactful and at the same time more effective.

This is also possible by choosing selected services that take the concept of sustainability to heart, like Deliveroo, Just Eat, Yolk and Ubereats do, to whom we have entrusted our new delivery menu – which we invite you to try!