Seasons in Autumn. Chef Scala’s inspirations

Francesco Scala
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The autumn menu at Seasons was inspired by the two words that best represent and describe us: “Sea” and “Sons”.
Our gratitude leads us to respect the sea environment and its biological stop, of which we feel we are the “sons”. Therefore, we choose our products in full sustainability. For instance, you won’t find fresh anchovies, lobster, or Mediterranean mackerel in the current Seasons’ menu. The reason why is because we respect and protect the sea and make sure that it can fulfill its cycle of life. In this vision, we are happy to support the seasonality and appreciate the grace of the differences between the periods of the year, along with the awareness of using products ready for every moment.
Autumn is my favorite Season. It’s a time of mushrooms, truffles, and chestnuts. Scents and colors that take me back to my homeland, Irpinia. To the mountains, the places where I grew up, to the walks I used to take with my father. He was always looking at the ground to move the leaves that hid mushrooms. I remember how proud I felt when I was coming home with a porcini mushroom. It was a gift for my mother and grandmother, who were preparing it for a Sunday lunch: fresh pasta and porcini mushrooms, a unique smell in my home. This inspires our brunches. Food cooked with a soul and served with love, to be shared with our lovely people.
Autumn is also a season when, as a child, my family used to light the fireplace in the house. The feeling of that still warms my heart and takes me back to when I tasted wine with roast chestnuts for the first time, sitting with my grandfather, explaining life to me. Oh yes, autumn has so much to say and put on our plate: pumpkin, walnuts, radicchio, pomegranate, to name but a few. At some point, preparing the Autumn Season’s menu was very easy, and it brought back the beautiful memories that touched my heart.
The focus of our menu is also dictated by what Seasons is:
Sustainability above all. I would also like to point out the sphere that touches on the economy, with the local farmers, the small family-run suppliers, who are our strength (as they give us a unique quality and care). Working with them fills us with pride. And of course, as I mentioned, the seasonality of the products. After all, these are the rules we set ourselves when we thought of Seasons as a business model.
So let’s have fun with the most beautiful Season of all:
by Francesco Scala, Executive Chef at Seasons