Sustainability, our manifesto

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Our mission is to make SEASONS a sustainable food system. This is our manifesto about one of our main visions and goals: sustainability.

The American Public Health Association (APHA) defines a “sustainable food system” as “one that provides healthy food to meet current food needs while maintaining healthy ecosystems that can also provide food for generations to come with minimal negative impact to the environment. A sustainable food system also encourages local production and distribution infrastructures. It makes nutritious food available, accessible, and affordable to all. Further, it is humane and just, protecting farmers and other workers, consumers, and communities.”

The food industry has long caused inequality. It has led to increased pollution, depletion of biodiversity, diseases linked to over-consumption of food in rich countries, starvation in poorer countries. This is the basis of SEASONS’ idea to develop itself as a centre of ethical consumption. And at the same time as a community where sustainability concerns everything from the supply chain to human resources.

. Our project must not impact our beautiful Planet. We feel accountable for the social and ecological consequences of our activities – first of all as people, and then clearly as a corporation.

.We find ourselves in John Blewitt’s phrase: “The relationship between human rights and human development, corporate power and environmental justice, global poverty and citizen action, suggest that responsible global citizenship is an inescapable element of what may at first glance seem to be simply matters of personal consumer and moral choice.”

. No overfishing and no environmentally destructive fishing methods, but fishing seasonality. This is used to maintain or increase production in the future without jeopardizing the ecosystems from which it was acquired.

. Vegetables from sustainable agriculture or organic farming, with reduced consumption of water, pesticides and fertilisers.

. Zero waste policy, and maximum limitation on the use of virgin plastic materials.

. Sustainability in human relations means choosing help over competition, smiles over aggression, acceptance over exclusion, listening over reproach.

.We were born in the fortunate part of the world and we cannot forget to extend our hand to those who are less fortunate. This is the human sustainability with which we place ourselves towards others. This is the thought from which born “Norbet the Octopus“, the symbol of our flagship restaurant in Mayfair.