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Absolute attention is paid to raw materials because consumers are increasingly aware of the need for good, healthy dishes; restaurant-goers are paying more attention to concepts like eco-sustainability of what they find on their plates and in the environment where they live.

It is one of the emerging trends, as the current driving force in the restaurant market – in London and many other parts of the world.

Another element that emerges from the data inside various analyses published in recent weeks is the search for essentiality. Faced with the overabundance of specific menus, what arises most is the desire, for many consumers, to find meals that respect the product, ideally, that has a tradition and possibly a heritage.

It’s often combined with the request to receive express cuisine. This is achievable when preparations are authentic and straightforward, where simplicity is an added value in favor of freshness. However, this certainly does not mean that forms of complexity in flavors cannot be achieved).

What’s more, it emerges that restaurant-goers are as interested in food as they are in conviviality. This identifies more the Mediterranean area, where sitting down to eat has always been considered a crucial moment in the days of families, an opportunity to share and listen to others.

Among the various elements that emerged, there is another crucial fact: in London, restaurant bookings in May 2021 (just after restrictions lifted) soared up to 32% higher than the pre-pandemic May 2019.

This marks a real trend. First of all, it means that the restaurant market is still strong and has excellent development opportunities. Table reservation is winning versus walk-in, which indicates consumers are going out for dinner or lunch and not just stopping to eat while they are busy with something else. In other words, more and more people see food as an opportunity to have an experience, to spend part of their free time.

Awareness of this data allows us, the sector’s business maker, to fine-tune our offers. Trends in product freshness and sustainability and those regarding the type of cuisine favored perfectly match what Seasons wants to represent in the restaurant market — will be our customers to say if we are on the right path.

(Photo: Seasons Mayfair)