Our Fresh Fish and Seafood

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We have come up with a page for you, for our customers. A page that we decided to call simply “Fresh Fish and Seafood” because that’s what it is. It’s a way to describe what we put on the table, to tell you about the quality of our products. It’s a utility we offer because we believe that the product is at the heart of our business, as is logical for a Mediterranean seafood restaurant (because product quality is the basis of Mediterranean cuisine).

And at the end of the day, we do it to show the love we put into what we do. That is, cooking and trying to bring tasty food and fresh, sustainable produce to the tables of our restaurants – we call it seasonality.

On this page, we have included all the fish that are available in our restaurants and fishmongers. Availability depends on seasonality because we believe in the value of consuming only what nature gives us in each season.

On this page, you will find a quick description of the various fish, their characteristics, and important information on the different methods of preservation.

On this page, we have thought of shortening the distance between our corporate, our suppliers, and our customers even further, i.e. we have put together the community concept that is Sea People.

From here, through our newsletter, we will also start offering some recipes, some quick things you can prepare at home. Recipes like a good dish of pasta & vongole, tartare, or baked sea bass.

What can we say at this point? Well, of course: what are you waiting for? Come to one of our locations, choose your favorite fish and then experiment, try, dare. Or, if you want to enjoy something served and revered by our fantastic staff, let us pamper you by booking a table with us. You will also know about what you are eating.