Sea is life
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The beauty of the sea to recover after intensive care. Maybe the topic doesn’t seem relevant for a seafood restaurant. But it is very close to the values that Seasons Dream intends to represent.

The story is that of the project of the Hospital de Mar in Barcelona. There has been studying for four years the impact of sea breeze, rays of the sun, and saltiness on the recovery of patients after long stays in ICU wards.

One of the patients, a 60-year-old man who spent two months in intensive care after an accident, said everything. For him, those first minutes there¬†were one of the most beautiful moments of his life. Warmed by the sun’s rays, in front of the beach and with the sound and smell of the sea waves of the Mediterranean.

The brief visits to the seafront make the pace of recovery more human and have a benevolent effect on the body. The power of the sea serves to give a new psychophysical balance, natural, to people who for weeks have been in the balance between life and death, saved thanks to the support of medical machinery.

“It’s important to keep a patient’s emotions trained and try to work with them in the early stages of recovery,” one of the doctors coordinating the Spanish health program told the media.

Hospital de Mar’s work is not new, but it is a testament. However lateral. As a result, the sea and its benefits are exceptionally important to human beings. It is also why we must work together to protect this source of life.