China and Mediterranean bold contaminations (and seafood)

Chinese new year
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Mediterranean culture and history are infused with the fascination of the East as much as China is fascinated by Europe. Traditions and contaminations that historically merge, finding common interests also in food, and particular seafood (shrimps, scallops, boiled fish, cuttlefish shrimps, scallops, boiled fish, cuttlefish are foods that we find in the Chinese tradition and that the Chinese appreciate in Mediterranean preparations).

For example, in the philological meal with which they celebrate the New Year these days, the Year of the Tiger, the dishes on the menu are served in a shared fashion, just as happens in Mediterranean banquets, from Roman and Athenian ones to Maghrebi tajines and the culinary experiences of our time.

Food is conviviality, it is tradition, it is culture. The table is a social moment, from there pass celebrations, dreams, and projects, life. Everything comes together in front of a plate of spaghetti or miàn.

Moreover, in recent years the Mediterranean diet has gained increasing interest, especially because it is preferred by many young people who follow a healthy lifestyle, preferring an abundance of fruit, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, and healthy fats (all of which can be found in Seasons’ dishes).

Another element that the Mediterranean and China have in common is courage: the Mare Nostrum has always been the driving force behind global development, also because of its recklessness, just as this is a feature of Chinese culture. Now more than ever, this desire to push – with courage – towards the future is an extraordinary factor of contact between Beijing and the Mediterranean world.

The tiger embodies courage and bravery, so the new year could symbolize resilience and strength — even in times of struggle. The courage and strength to go outside the box is the meaning that China entrusts to this year under the sign of the Tiger, after the cunning of the Rat (2020) and the resilience of the Buffalo (2021).

Let’s be brave, let’s be strong, let’s go outside the box, let’s defend the complex beauty of our uniqueness, which, blended and mixed, is the real strength of humanity.