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What is Seasons? How works Seasons? Why Seasons?

Being born sustainable, not becoming it. Sustainability is the starting point and the very essence of Seasons. Of the whole project, which includes all our bistros and the Mayfair restaurant, but also the Farms (which we care so much about).

The sustainability we care about is not only environmental, it is also social and economic: we could call it “total sustainability”. Our farmers and our fishermen are uncompromising, and we say so proudly. The result is a human process, rather than a business.

We work in full respect of the environment, we support the growth of local communities, we always grow and fish seasonal products and we try to make it for everyone. We are as proud to use environmentally friendly packaging made primarily from FSC®️ paper as we are passionate about contributing to the development of healthy living principles.

We think of water as the most precious commodity for human beings. For example, in the last 20 years, the world’s water resources have been reduced by 20%: how can we think of standing still in the face of this? Today, more than 3 billion people have difficulty in accessing drinking water: shouldn’t this be a concern for all of us who live in the most fortunate areas of the world? In all this, agriculture accounts for over 70% of global water consumption.

We start from here, with this awareness, when we ask our farmers for conscious and sustainable control over water use.

And we continue by thinking of the more than 1.3 billion tonnes of food that are wasted every year – about four times the amount needed to feed the 800 million undernourished people on the planet. We feel this responsibility as we conduct our work.

Talking about these food waste figures is crucial, because they are equivalent to the loss of 250 cubic kilometres of drinking water per year (about 100 million Olympic-sized swimming pools!). This means that almost a third of arable land is used to produce food that ends up in the dustbin. With our extremely short and integrated supply chain we shorten the land/sea-to-table distance, and this allows us to have constant control to avoid any kind of waste.

So, now: our vision.

We bring taste to the world without depriving the planet of its resources: this is our spirit. We have an ambitious dream: to help transforming the way the world is fed. Proud of our Mediterranean culinary tradition, we have created the concept of “Vertical Farm”, sustainable par excellence, with which we want to give life to a new future, in which we will be able to feed people with fresh food, full of energy and flavour. Foods that are good for us and good for the planet. This is Seasons.

We invite you to book a table at our venues [link: https://seasonsdream.com/contacts/], and to leave us your email to be periodically updated on our initiatives and events and become parte of our community, The Sea People [link pagina community].