Because your opinion matters

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Your opinion is important. Your opinion is an inspiration. Your opinion determines some of our choices. Your opinion gives us value. Your opinion is our way of getting to know each other. Your opinion is what makes us better. Your opinion decides the value of our work. Your opinion counts.

We ask you for a few minutes to gather your opinion on what we are doing. A survey in which you can participate via the newsletter.

Knowing what customers think is crucial for anyone who wants to make their business model more efficient and effective. This is not just a business issue, but also something deeper for us at Seasons.

We want to understand how much of what we stand for is appreciated by the community. At the same time, we want to understand what to change, how to adapt to the demands of the masses – or even what is demanded of us regardless of whether we intend to change it or hold on to our beliefs.

Similarly, we cannot be hypocritical: receiving compliments (such as those we often receive in online reviews of our venues) is mentally rewarding. It satisfies our efforts and our work. And getting feedback from our customers on what they like best makes us better able to intercept people’s tastes, and thus ultimately improve our business.

That’s why we’ve devised a survey to ask you what you appreciate and what you would change about what we’re doing. It’s just a few questions, you can answer them in less than five minutes, and you can do it by subscribing to the newsletter (the form is here if it has not already done so).

Take part in the survey. If you like us, let us know and we will try not to change. If you liked us halfway, tell us what went wrong. If you didn’t like us at all, let us know why. It’s never too late in life to change!
Thank you, as always, for your participation and feedback.