A thought for our first Christmas together

Christmas together
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Over the centuries, even in the most difficult times, Christmas in the Mediterranean has been a moment of dialogue, between different cultures and religions, peoples united by a concept of citizenship that goes beyond administrative borders. The Mediterranean is a commonplace that breaks down national borders, dictating an enlarged, geographical one.

Citizenship is read in the light of fraternity between peoples in an area marked for years by wars, persecution, emigration, and inequality, and where now the culture of encounter, a common culture, allows direct contact to break down stereotypes and prejudices.

A crib is currently lit up in Rabat Cathedral where a poster reminds us that the special Jubilee for the hundred years of the mother church’s foundation has begun. An image that recalls Charles de Foucauld, an apostle of the embrace, prophet of universal brotherhood. What comes out is a feeling of welcome against the wreckage of civilization that still characterizes the corners of the Mediterranean, from the refugees of Lesbos to the too many walls, physical or metaphysical, that still exist.

Seasons intends to dedicate this first Christmas to breaking down those walls, overcoming divisions, overcoming doubts and preclusions, to erasing indifference by exalting the collective beauty of being different but all brothers and sisters. We do this every day by mixing in the ports the fruit of our traditions, African, Italian, Greek, Lebanese, Mediterranean – a wide word, rich in differences and inclusive as that sea is. We think about this not only in our menus but in the whole construction of our business; this is our deepest idea of sustainability.

On our first Christmas, we dedicate a thought to the value of being together.